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About me

Since 2007, in my Montreal workshop, I have dedicated myself to making viola da gambas and other baroque bowed instruments. I have so far crafted over 100 instruments, and I have built an enviable reputation amongst amateurs and professionals alike.

Historical sources describing the construction of the viola da gamba are very scarce; this knowledge was passed on orally from master to apprentice, and with the disappearance of the instrument at the end of the 18th century, the knowledge and expertise of the ancient makers went extinct. With the careful study and examination of their surviving instruments, we can however begin to understand the working methods and construction techniques employed by these old masters. 


I have dedicated a portion of my career to studying historical viols, and I have understood and absorbed the principles that guided their creation. With the help of traditional techniques and tools, I am now able to craft instruments that not only capture the style and spirit of the ancient viols, but that also possess their rich and complex sonority.

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